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The Medical University of Pécs was launched the Health Care College course in 1th of September 1990, following by a joint preparatory work of the Ministry, the Medical University and the leaders of Somogy, Zala and Vas counties. Education takes place in four training centers in Hungary: Kaposvár, Pécs, Szombathely and Zalaegerszeg, where effective collaboration has been established with the local hospitals and social institutions. The Government in order to keep the expatriate Hungarians, they were commissioned our faculty in 2016 to create conditions for nurse training in Zombor (Serbia), because of the geographical and technical asset. Our faculty is a pioneer in the development of health and social education, which nothing shows more, then we launched firstly qualified nurse and qualified health visitor course in the country. Currently, we have eight Master programs, and we are planning to launch additional MSc courses. We were the first in our country, who established Faculty of Health Sciences Doctoral School, which also was created to give possibility for the Health Sciences professions to obtain a doctoral degree.

In October 2014, University of Pécs’s Faculty of Health Sciences established the seventh Confucius Institute in the world, which completes the current academic medicine education with Chinese rooted medicine therapies, testing and application of scientific methods.

The people who are interested in scientific research were gathered by Scientific Students Association, which founded in 1993. The members of this Association are joining various researches to learn the intricacies of researching progress and to publish their form of lectures and results after all. Our students are getting an impressive ranking in the faculty, regional and national conferences year after year.